Three New Releases

Three new releases from One Nine Books…

WHO WOULD YOU BE? by Brandon Dameshek

These frank, affecting poems find powerful sources in the jolts and blows of family life. In Brandon Dameshek's Who Would You Be? the formative patterns constellate brightly, like radiant bruises.


THE NUMBERS GAME by Miles Watson

The Battle of Britain rages. London is in flames, and civilization itself totters on the brink. Does Pilot Officer Maurice Mickelwhite care? Not one damn. He may be one of the better fighter pilots in the Royal Air Force, but it's not by choice. Maurice is a mathematical genius, who, if not for Hitler, would be happily teaching algebra and calculus at university. To hell with the war! Maurice just wants his numbers.



With an intellect as sharp as his right cross, Honest John Churchfield is the second-best detective in 1890s London. Unfortunately, Sherlock Holmes casts an enormous shadow. The first Honest John Churchfield novel, Honest John Raises Cain chronicles Churchfield’s investigation into the disappearance of Lowry Cain, a famous musician with a crippling opium addiction. Cain’s wife Lily, an aspiring singer herself, hires Churchfield to find her husband and thrusts him into a deceitful world featuring jealousy, greed, and an ax-wielding madman.