Blood Shot Eyes

One Nine Books is proud to announce the re-release of Pat Picciarelli's first novel, BLOOD SHOT EYES.

A ten-year-old double homicide leads private investigator Ray Yale to a psycho ex-policewoman, a megalomaniacal shock-jock with a Svengali complex, and an investigation so bizarre that it could bring down the NYPD. Teamed with a former detective who has seen better days, Yale must find the reason behind a series of brutal murders before he becomes the next victim.

The first Ray Yale novel, BLOOD SHOT EYES mixes mystery and suspense in chronicling Yale's determined pursuit of justice. Yale's journey continues in the sequel, POP LINE.

"Patrick Picciarelli has been there and he writes like a man who knows--and one of the things he knows is how to put together a story that you can't put down, told to you by a real-life PI."
-- S.J. Rozan, the Anthony Award-winning author of NO COLDER PLACE

"Patrick Picciarelli writes with the authenticity few crime writers can match. His characters are complex and real, and the thickets they inhabit both tug at the heart and claw at the throat. Even without its rich and tangled plot, this novel could not fail to entertain, for there is an author with the bonafides. BLOOD SHOT EYES is the genuine article."
--Randall Silvis, winner of the Drue Heinze Literature Prize and the author of MYSTICUS

"BLOOD SHOT EYES crackles with authenticity. A powerful crime story by a New York PI who knows the game and tells it masterfully."
--Dan Mahoney, author of BLACK & WHITE