New Releases

One Nine Books is proud to announce two new releases…

DEVILS YOU KNOW by Miles Watson: Miles Watson's hard-hitting debut novel, CAGE LIFE, put him on the map with critics and readers alike. Now he's back with a collection of stories designed to work the head, heart and adrenal glands all at once: DEVILS YOU KNOW. In this anthology, you'll find horror and drama, warfare and madness and crime, and even the laughs are of the midnight-black variety. You'll encounter gangsters elbow-deep in the red business of murder, soldiers slogging through physical and moral mud, and supernatural monsters whose pleasures are taken in human blood. You will journey through a dystopian America and a just-liberated Paris, encounter ordinary men descending into madness, and meet a Nazi officer who learns the hard way that we are all brothers under the skin. Somewhere in these pages you will even meet Satan himself...and discover that sometimes even he can't take the heat. So sit down, buckle up, and get ready to meet your devils. Just don't be surprised if they look familiar.

OLD GUYS RULES by Thomas Lipinski: While Pittsburgh private detective Carroll Dorsey may have never followed in his deceased father's footsteps, the elder Dorsey's political connections and backroom deals left behind an unshakable legacy. When Ed Shearing, one of his father's closest political allies, asks Dorsey to travel to Chicago with him to witness the opening of a mysterious safety deposit box, Dorsey gets involved in a missing persons case rooted in the 1968 Democratic convention, civil unrest, political corruption, and the kind of greed that ruins families...and perhaps his life.

Lipinski, the Shamus Award-winning creator of the Carroll Dorsey mystery series, holds an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Pittsburgh and an MA in Literature from Slippery Rock University. Tom is presently a tenured professor of English at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, where he served as Department Chair for eight years. He has also worked as an insurance investigator and as a corrections administrator.

All the One Nine authors, including Watson, Lipinski, Pat Picciarelli, and myself, will be attending the book-signing event during Seton Hill University's In Your Write Mind residency. Alert your friends and neighbors. But please, no flash photography. Pat gets skittish.